Stormont intervention needed to rescue NI construction sector

By Michelle Rock

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) say the Northern Ireland construction sector is falling behind the rest of the UK and needs Stormont to intervene.

The FMB is lobbying Stormont to make a commitment to target construction of 11,000 houses every year by 2020, and say that small and medium sized construction firms in Northern Ireland are not getting the same access to finance that their counterparts are on the mainland. The FMB director in Northern Ireland, Maire Nawaz, says construction sectors in England, Scotland and Wales are showing "consistent growth", and that they have more support "to counteract the reluctance of banks to lend to small construction firms".

There are also concerns that skilled Northern Ireland workers continue to be 'enticed' to the mainland. After the property crash a third of construction jobs in Northern Ireland were lost, and the construction sector has not improved significantly since.

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