Study suggests women are twice as likely to initiate divorces

By Lenore Rice

A new study suggests that women are twice as likely as men to initiate a divorce, with the author of the research suggesting that gender imbalance when it comes to housework and parenthood is one of the major factors.

The study by Michael Rosenfeld, professor of sociology at Standford University, found that 69 per cent of divorces were brought about by women. The research found that there was a 50-50 split when it came to unmarried co-habiting couples who decided to separate. Mr Rosenfeld suggested that "gender inequality" was to blame for many woman wanting a divorce, saying "husbands still expect their wives to do the bulk of the housework and the bulk of the childcare." He says that non-marital relationships tend not to suffer from the same "historical baggage and expectations of marriage."

A separate study seems to confirm Mr Rosenfeld's theory, suggesting that a new born baby resulted in the woman taking on an average of 2 extra hours of work per day, while the man only took on 40 minutes extra.

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