Jail for benefits claimant who failed to disclose £400k inheritance

By Lenore Rice

A woman has been jailed for 2 years for claiming over £50,000 in benefits despite having received a £400,000 inheritance which she failed to disclose.

Patricia Boaden received a £400,000 inheritance from her aunt, Doreen Reddy in January 2007. Mrs Boaden was appointed executor to the Will, and after paying out the various bequests was left with £385,124.92 which she used to purchase a luxury holiday villa in Florida. The property was then sold to a company owned and run by Mr and Mrs Boaden, and was rented out at a cost of £1,300 a week. In September 2008 she began claiming housing benefits, and had received a total of £43,348 until she was caught in November 2012. She had also received tax benefit totalling almost £7,300.

Mrs Boaden was found guilty of two frauds and for failing to notify the authority of her change in circumstances. She was given a prison sentence of two years and now faces a financial investigation and a claim for the return of all benefits paid by the authorities.

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