Outsourcing Agreements

Why do I need an Outsourcing Agreement?

Outsourcing is a form of sub-contracting. Businesses often outsource their service requirements to a specialist service provider to minimise costs. The most common forms of outsourcing are in relation to information technology, human resources, customer service and market research. However, outsourcing can be done for any service provided to a business which would otherwise have to be done in house.

When outsourcing a service the most important aspect is quantifying performance and ensuring that you can adequately control the services provided to your business. The agreement needs to ensure that everything can be unscrambled should the parties have a disagreement.

How we can help

Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors will advise and negotiate the terms of the agreements and facilitate the execution of the agreement. We will ensure that you are fully advised of the risk of entering a long term agreement and understand how the agreement can be terminated. Our employment team can also advise on the TUPE aspects of termination and the transfer of service provision.

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